A Portland, Oregon, Linux-based Studio.

Building privacy focused, easy to use, Gutenberg block based WordPress sites.

Tech.Haus is currently looking for 3 sites to pilot a hosting and maintenance program.

  • We set you up on blazing fast hosting.
  • We do the updates and backups and keep your site running.
  • You have access to any of our stuff*.
  • Inludes 2 hours of work a month (15 minute increments).

Starting at $1500 a year (like $4 a day to have your WordPress site handled, so you can blog)!

Need a managed blog? Email us about what you’re up to.

Need WooCommerce managed hosting? Reach out, too.

Producing custom audio and motion graphic visual packages for creators.

Coming soon when we get a rendering machine.

For now, we’re getting the pipeline set up for this service. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested.