$50 Domain Challenge #1. First Pickups.

My Youtube feed kept recommending this person who was starting a retro videogame collection with only $10. I think he started in February, and even during a pandemic, he already is up to like 8 systems and 140 games or something, and a bankroll of over $300.

I got inspired, and decided to build a new domain portfolio from scratch with only $50. I’m going to post about the results here for the next year, and hopefully in autumn 2021 I’m posting about my fat cash stack and all of these names.

$50 is not a lot, so I decided to try to register 6 .com domains and then get whatever I could with the money left over in other extensions.



I’m working on a WordPress theme called “Zine Pro”, but I’ve always liked independent media distribution and small print runs. I want to see this existing.


And this may end up being the names of one of the zines that is being sold on zine.store.


Yes, I worked on mom blogs when I worked in NYC.


Shopping this summer has been dominated by bots and flippers.


Only 2 letters.


Who isn’t one in 2020?


When i start to think about the future of businesses, there are going to have to be more coops.


I’m one of the few people who hates listening to an hour and a half podcast. Hate. A pintcast is about the right length for me.


For now, the only thing I can think about is cash flow, because I’m out of cash. I actually spent $50.07 on the “portfolio” above.

If I can sell any of the names above, even for $20-$30, that is more names I can invest in. Even getting that small amount is not easy or guaranteed, but I think I got some usable names that should be businesses and should be making people money.

I guess the next post will be when something happens.


Domains: 8 (6 .com, 2 new g’s)
Cash: -$0.07

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