AMD Ryzen APU Green screen

Update: I gave up on the 3400g’s Vega 11 graphics, and got an AMD Radeon Pro WX4100 graphics card, and all of my screen issues are gone again.

If you google any of these processors: 2200g, 2400g, 3200g, or 3400g, and the words “green screen”, you will see a lot of results.

I sold my graphics card last week, because someone was willing to spend $100 more than I paid for it last month. Cool.

I thought my Ryzen 3400g, using the hdmi and display port outputs of my Asus X570 motherboard, would have no problem powering two monitors for regular day to day usage.

And sometimes, it’s perfect.

And sometimes, the hdmi monitor turns green.

Most of the time, I can turn the monitor off and on again, and it will be fine.

This is a problem I would like to solve, because it seems random, it definitely breaks my flow, as I wait for the monitor to turn back off and on, and then reposition windows over and over again (but then sometimes it will be fine for days).

I just re-seated the HMDI cable to make sure it wasn’t somehow loose or something. After my next green screen, I will try a different HMDI cable.

I suspect the problem is software related, however. I saw a post on the Manjaro forums linking to an AUR package with a kernel to specifically address these APU’s. I’d have to stay on kernel 5.4, which is a long term support kernel, so that’s fine if it fixes this problem.

But I’ll go down that road later. For now, I’m checking cables. Then I’ll start checking what I can find in the command line, from other threads.

Is all of this worth the $100 I made on that gpu? Well, i needed the cash so it doesn’t matter.

For Linux, I’d say get a regular desktop Ryzen without the “g” moniker (built in graphics), and buy a normal graphics card…oh wait, you can’t (Dec 2020).

2 days later…

One time, I had a green screen that I couldn’t fix by turning the monitor off and on. And this morning, it just happened for a second time. So, back to looking for solutions.

I checked KDE’s “Display Configuration” and it seemed like the green display was still being seen by the computer. It must be the compositor that is having issues?

I checked notifications and they looked like this:

Compositor has been suspendedAnother application has requested to suspend compositing
Graphics ResetA graphics reset event occured
Xwayland CrashXwayland has crashed

I tried a thing.

I went into my motherboard’s bios and enabled iommu and then rebooted, and added this to /etc/default/grab :

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="amd_iommu=on iommu=pt"

After I saved the file, updated grub with the code below, and rebooted.

sudo update-grub

And I’ll report back when I have more updates.

Day 4/5 – Things are worse.

It was still green screening.

I was working on my image workflow, setting up digiKam and darktable, and darktable wouldn’t start for some reason. I quickly found the answer on Manjaro’s forums, I had to remove “everything OpenCL”.

I opened Pamac, searched for “AMD Pro”, and deleted all of the stuff from the AUR (Arch User Repository). Before I was using this 3400g to power my 2 monitors, I was using a Radeon Pro graphics card, with their pro drivers (and it was super solid…). One was OpenCL. darktable opened.

Was this going to be the solution to stop my green screening?

Nope, because as of yesterday, now the displayport monitor black screens from time to time, and the hdmi monitor still continues to green screen. Only once did they do it at the same time. Turning either off and on still fixes it most of the time, except for the two times the green screen got stuck and I had to restart.

Good times…

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