Apps To Get to Know If You’re New To Manjaro KDE

When I came to Manjaro KDE a few years ago from Mac OSX, I had to relearn a bunch of basic utility apps. Well, not completely relearn, because you can often make these act close to their Mac counterparts, or customize them however you’d like. I’m including some links to documentation and I learned a lot just putting this list together.

KDE Apps

These come with the installation, and work great for me. Of course, since it’s Linux, feel free to replace them with something that works better for you, but I think KDE’s Plasma desktop does everything I need right now to make Manjaro KDE my daily driver.


ALT + Spacebar opens KRunner. It’s a launcher app kind of like the app Alfred that was popular on Mac back in the day. Here’s a good doc with what you can do with KRunner. Assume for most of these apps that follow, you can just hit the shortcut for KRunner above (or ALT + F2 also works) and start typing the name (or what it does), and you should find your way to the app.


This is your file browser, like the Mac Finder. I love the split feature and tabs. Dolphin is extremely good, imo. I like to drag places that I go often to the sidebar area, and control what files show previews or not. Most of the KDE software have pretty good Handbooks, here’s Dolphin’s. Do you need to read these? Not really…it’s up to you how deep you want to get.


I use PHPStorm as my IDE and try to use it as much as possible so I level up. But as my simple “edit a file or a configuration” text editor, Kate is great, so I leave it as my default. Others might install Atom, Sublime Text, or the Microsoft one.

If you want to dig deeper, while in Kate, hit F1 to pull up the Kate Handbook.

KDE Connect

This lets you link up your android phone, and it also works with my chromebook through the android app on there, so that’s wild. I have multiple ways to adjust the volume when I’m listening to “media”. I will give this its own post someday, but for me, here at home, it’s nice and useful and makes l life slightly better.


This is the stock KDE terminal app. I’ve seen many youtube videos of people suggesting other terminal apps, but this one works great for me. There is also a Konsole Handbook, but the F1 keyboard shortcut doesn’t work this time, and it’s found under the Help menu.

I’m always trying to get better at bash scripting and using the command line, and this is where I do it. I really like Kate and Konsole out of the box on KDE.


This is a nice visual way to see what your system is doing. I usually hit ALT + Space and type “monitor” because I forget what this app is called. Just reading the docs reminded me that CTRL + ESC can quickly bring up the Process Table portion of this app, but I like the visual System Load.


My pdf’s usually open in Okular, and so far for reading those. Better than using a corporation’s reader, imo.


This is the screen shot app it’s pretty flexible. I just hit the print screen button on my Lenovo Thinkpad or my Logitech G613 keyboard, and it opens, ready to take a shot (unless you configure it to do something else. Configure away with all of these.).


I already mentioned a terminal app called Konsole, but by default, a terminal app called Yakuake starts with the KDE desktop, and you can hit f12 to make it drop down from the top of the screen.

Sometimes I just do things in the drop down terminal all day. Depends on my workflow and mood, but this is pretty convenient.

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