My Ryzen 3400G Upgrade-Ready Build is Done!

I found a motherboard. I got a used Asus X570 Tuf Gaming (without wifi) for $140. I also got a Radeon Pro WX 5100 video card, which I may or may not keep, because the 3400g has built in graphics. However, having ANY video card lets me upgrade to a faster Ryzen processor that doesn’t have graphics built in (only the Ryzen “G”series has onboard graphics).

Details aside, my REAPER rig is back, baby.

My Computer Specs

  • Ryzen 3400G (4 core / 8 thread apu w/ vega graphics, so I can go videocard-less if I want until I upgrade)
  • Asus X570 Tuf Motherboard (this board will handle a 5950x upgrade nicely)
  • 64gb Ballistix DDR4 3200mhz CL16 memory (it’s fine)
  • 2x 1tb NVME drives (ONLY pci-e 3.0 drives. the selling point of X570 is 4.0 bandwith, still super fast)
  • EVGA 650w Gold g3 power supply (thinking radeon 6800 which is only 250w would work with this)
  • Fractal Designs Meshify C Case (white – bought this 2 weeks before new version was announced – oops)
  • 2x Dell Ultrasharp u2415 Monitors (bang for the buck $100 used monitors)
  • AMD Radeon Pro wx 5100 GPU (might sell, but 4 display ports)

Anyway, I have an upgrade path to a 5950x and a Radeon 6800, if I can afford to do so. Even a 3900x would kickass.

I’m on day 5 now, and this computer is extremely solid running Manjaro.

There won’t be any Amazon affiliate links on this site.

Other companies, yes.

It’s shocking how many people want to promote Amazon actually.

Like wtf, creators.

Also they cut the affiliate fees to be sooo low recently-ish right? They are throwing people scraps while you fight over browser cookies.

I get it.

But I just can’t support them. Hopefully I can team up with cool companies in some way.

B550 Doesn’t Support a 3400G?!

I’m motherboard shopping.

I sold off a bunch of my parts except for the power supply (white corsair rm850x), storage (two 1tb nvme’s + 1tb 860 evo), and ram (4x 16gb 3200 c16). A lot of people are in upgrade cycles, and I frankly didn’t need my x570, ryzen 3800x, and 1080ti right this minute…so I cashed out, and I’m waiting for either black friday, a super used deal to come my way, or just the general supply to catch up someday, and decided to just ride with a 3400g and the parts I kept.

I just need a motherboard.

And the decision is paralyzing me, lol.

I actually really liked B550 boards and I was settled on getting one, but then read that they don’t support the 3200G or 3400G (they are really Ryzen 2000 series parts, with a little spec bump).

So that means I should either buy a b450 (which is fine, but they aren’t many ways to save money on this old tech right now) or an x570 (basically spend what I just sold my x570 for, but have a more pro upgrade path when I have money to buy a new processor and gpu – when they are actually in stock!).

I got an $80 b450 Tomahawk motherboard that was a return, back in February, and I wish I could get a deal like that again. That same board would cost me $115 at Best Buy, but it only has 1 nvme slot. If i could theoretically save $35 again, I could live with not using both of my nvme’s or buying a pci-e card, but those deals aren’t out there right now.

So I’ve settled on the x570 ASUS Tuf, I think. $170 w/o wifi or $190 with wifi. And then someday I’ll add Ryzen 5900x (or 3950x) with a graphics card with 16gb of vram.

Local by Flywheel Works on Manjaro Again

Choosing to try to work 100% of the time on Linux has its downside, like when something doesn’t work.

At the end of the summer, I wasn’t able to create new WordPress sites on Local by Flywheel in Manjaro using the version from the AUR (arch user repository). Today, it works again.

So I’m back to working on my theme. It was an annoying road block, but I put some time into my audio gear.

WPRIG npm run rig-init fix

Today I’m back to work on CSS, and I wanted to install a clean version of WPRig, and I couldn’t get the npm run rig-init command to work without an ERR! because php-codesniffer-composer-installer doesn’t support Composer 2.

composer require --dev dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer:"^0.7.0"

That command fixed it for me – here’s the github issue.

Really that’s the only downside to Linux, an issue can stop you in your tracks.

$50 Domain Challenge #1. First Pickups.

My Youtube feed kept recommending this person who was starting a retro videogame collection with only $10. I think he started in February, and even during a pandemic, he already is up to like 8 systems and 140 games or something, and a bankroll of over $300.

I got inspired, and decided to build a new domain portfolio from scratch with only $50. I’m going to post about the results here for the next year, and hopefully in autumn 2021 I’m posting about my fat cash stack and all of these names.

$50 is not a lot, so I decided to try to register 6 .com domains and then get whatever I could with the money left over in other extensions.



I’m working on a WordPress theme called “Zine Pro”, but I’ve always liked independent media distribution and small print runs. I want to see this existing.

And this may end up being the names of one of the zines that is being sold on

Yes, I worked on mom blogs when I worked in NYC.

Shopping this summer has been dominated by bots and flippers.


Only 2 letters.

Who isn’t one in 2020?

When i start to think about the future of businesses, there are going to have to be more coops.

I’m one of the few people who hates listening to an hour and a half podcast. Hate. A pintcast is about the right length for me.


For now, the only thing I can think about is cash flow, because I’m out of cash. I actually spent $50.07 on the “portfolio” above.

If I can sell any of the names above, even for $20-$30, that is more names I can invest in. Even getting that small amount is not easy or guaranteed, but I think I got some usable names that should be businesses and should be making people money.

I guess the next post will be when something happens.


Domains: 8 (6 .com, 2 new g’s)
Cash: -$0.07

Working on a WordPress Theme.

Not enough people blog anymore. Or have blogging collectives. Or magazines. Or zines.

I’m working on a magazine theme for WordPress called “Zine Pro”, and this site ( is going to be the first blog using this theme.

Zine Pro is being built with WP Rig as the theme building framework, and focusing on using core Gutenberg features to help build “awesome” “layouts” for “content”.

Using Gutenberg block patterns, Zine Pro is going to have building blocks to make collections, features, magazines, zines, newspapers, niche blogs, etc. (If you want to learn more about Block Patterns, Birgit Pauli-Haack just posted an amazing “Black Patterns Resource List” on

Over the last decade, it’s sad to think about how a lot of our favorites sites were bought up, and turned into nothing more than an investment vehicle for some publicly traded company. …staff we loved laid off, sites turned into advertisement banners with a little text in-between.

It’s also sad how much power Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. have over the content we see.

Going into this next decade, we have to start thinking about hosting our own content, and working on distribution and consumption habits that keep us outside of the curation of a dangerous chosen set of gatekeepers.

I think all of those social media sites still have a place for audience building, promotion, snippets, previews, etc…but they should be pointing back to your own site! This used to be the common sense advice from the experts…somehow we all just started working for algorithms for free.

Anyway, as you can see, this theme on this site is barebones and has nothing going on. I’m working on figuring out colors (yes, I know there are some wild color combos on here right now), css variables / custom properties, and getting the basic layouts into Figma (for CSS layout 2020-style, I’m really digging Every Layout).

I’m going to try to blog at least every day, for the sake of making this theme as good as it can be. Stay tuned for info!

Domains For Sale

I’m also selling some WordPress domain names to help pay the bills this month. I obviously can’t turn everything into a project, and currently is my focus (but also that domain is still technically for sale, because I’m broke).

If you would be interested in owning,, or, please reach out. I’ll be listing more soon. Stay tuned.

Anyway, good luck to everyone this weekend and this month. Sending love.