B550 Doesn’t Support a 3400G?!

I’m motherboard shopping.

I sold off a bunch of my parts except for the power supply (white corsair rm850x), storage (two 1tb nvme’s + 1tb 860 evo), and ram (4x 16gb 3200 c16). A lot of people are in upgrade cycles, and I frankly didn’t need my x570, ryzen 3800x, and 1080ti right this minute…so I cashed out, and I’m waiting for either black friday, a super used deal to come my way, or just the general supply to catch up someday, and decided to just ride with a 3400g and the parts I kept.

I just need a motherboard.

And the decision is paralyzing me, lol.

I actually really liked B550 boards and I was settled on getting one, but then read that they don’t support the 3200G or 3400G (they are really Ryzen 2000 series parts, with a little spec bump).

So that means I should either buy a b450 (which is fine, but they aren’t many ways to save money on this old tech right now) or an x570 (basically spend what I just sold my x570 for, but have a more pro upgrade path when I have money to buy a new processor and gpu – when they are actually in stock!).

I got an $80 b450 Tomahawk motherboard that was a return, back in February, and I wish I could get a deal like that again. That same board would cost me $115 at Best Buy, but it only has 1 nvme slot. If i could theoretically save $35 again, I could live with not using both of my nvme’s or buying a pci-e card, but those deals aren’t out there right now.

So I’ve settled on the x570 ASUS Tuf, I think. $170 w/o wifi or $190 with wifi. And then someday I’ll add Ryzen 5900x (or 3950x) with a graphics card with 16gb of vram.

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