De-Googling My Brain

I saw this post shared on twitter today called “Time to Say Goodbye to Google Fonts“, which shows that there is no reason to use Google’s CDN for Google fonts (unless you’re lazy, like I’ve been), and you should set up self hosting your fonts for speed (something I’m going to have to figure out for this site once I pick fonts).

It made me think about how I’m not using Google Analytics on this site, and maybe I shouldn’t start.

Also, I’m going to avoid embedding Youtube videos.

I might get a Vimeo account for embeds, and I will of course link to Youtube videos, and you can go watch them on Youtube, if you choose to. I just don’t really want to subject my readers / viewers / myself to Google’s recommendation engine, if it’s not necessary. And it’s not. I can make “content” without Youtube embeds.

I don’t think any of these things are necessarily harmful, either. And in fact, they make life easier. This feels like the right choice, though. I don’t think we should let a few companies just have their claws on every part of the web.

Apps To Get to Know If You’re New To Manjaro KDE

When I came to Manjaro KDE a few years ago from Mac OSX, I had to relearn a bunch of basic utility apps. Well, not completely relearn, because you can often make these act close to their Mac counterparts, or customize them however you’d like. I’m including some links to documentation and I learned a lot just putting this list together.

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Beginner’s Guide: From Mac to Manjaro (intro)

This is a work in progress and will be finished by January 2021.

I made music on Apple Computers for like 19 years, and also dabbled in web design and motion graphics. In late Summer of 2017, when my Macbook Pro died, I switched to Manjaro Linux and never looked back.

Table of Contents

  • Installing Manjaro KDE and First Steps
    • Starting a “Gear” section on this site to document what hardware works for me.
  • Introduction to KDE Plasma Series
  • Installing Apps in Manjaro
    • Some Apps I’m into.
    • Introduction to Firefox Series, “Foxy Baby”. Why Firefox?
      • Foxy Baby Ep 1: Preferences + Plugins
      • Foxy Baby Ep 2: Bookmarks
      • Foxy Baby Ep 3: Containers
  • Command Line Basics
    • File Structure (Unix, like Mac)
      • Important locations like fstab, inotify watchers, etc.
    • Aliases
    • Permissions and Groups
    • Git 101

Coming soon!

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Changing Habits – Firefox.

In pandemic lockdown 1.0, I got my email boxes down to “inbox zero”, and now I can clean out my emails in less than 20 minutes, give or take like ~10 emails that I will have to take action on.

It took several slogging days to get to that state. I just got into a trance, and worked through it, not knowing if it was important or worth the effort.

I had to think of and implement organizational systems. Make judgements about delete vs archive criteria. Unsubscribe from things. Make filter rules for things.

For my brain it was worth it. Even when I fall behind on my email now, I just have to put my head down and clean it up. Today, I just got it down to 5 emails, while writing this. I had to stop and clean it up. I felt like a hypocrite leaving it unchecked over black friday and whatnot.

This year, I also took a few stabs at trying to get my Notion workflow right, and although I’m not there yet, there is a huge difference between the content in Notion that got a full effort from me, and that which is just link dumps. I should “adopt a page” every day and just keep making it better. Today I had to do set up something in git and I wanted to make sure I did it right, and low and behold, I had every step beautifully laid out in Notion already. Much better than typing something into google…

Anyway, it’s Lockdown 2.0. Yay…

Right now in December 2020, I’m trying to operate under some new principles (this is my first first-draft):

  • Leave as little fingerprint as possible.
  • Stay away from algorithmic, programmatic, or “trending” content recommendations. Be deliberate about my consumption.
  • Try to build things with these in mind.

Changing my Browser Habits

Firefox sells itself as a privacy browser, and I decided to embrace that. If I need “less security”, I can open up something else (I have Firefox Dev Edition for website work, and Chromium). I don’t have a VPN service yet (someone send me a free lifetime vpn account and maybe i’ll set up an affiliate account and monetize).

Without the VPN, I’m trying to get the following things set up right in Firefox:

  • Set up the Preferences and Plugins in Firefox to be as secure and private as I can without breaking too much (and not just adblocking and robbing content creators of their cut).
  • Set up my Bookmarks so I can browse deliberately and avoid recommendations or google’s search engine unless necessary.
  • Follow a system of opening tabs in Containers to prevent cookie and tracking malarky from site to site.
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My Ryzen 3400G Upgrade-Ready Build is Done!

I found a motherboard. I got a used Asus X570 Tuf Gaming (without wifi) for $140. I also got a Radeon Pro WX 5100 video card, which I may or may not keep, because the 3400g has built in graphics. However, having ANY video card lets me upgrade to a faster Ryzen processor that doesn’t have graphics built in (only the Ryzen “G”series has onboard graphics).

Details aside, my REAPER rig is back, baby.

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There won’t be any Amazon affiliate links on this site.

Other companies, yes.

It’s shocking how many people want to promote Amazon actually.

Like wtf, creators.

Also they cut the affiliate fees to be sooo low recently-ish right? They are throwing people scraps while you fight over browser cookies.

I get it.

But I just can’t support them. Hopefully I can team up with cool companies in some way.

B550 Doesn’t Support a 3400G?!

I’m motherboard shopping.

I sold off a bunch of my parts except for the power supply (white corsair rm850x), storage (two 1tb nvme’s + 1tb 860 evo), and ram (4x 16gb 3200 c16). A lot of people are in upgrade cycles, and I frankly didn’t need my x570, ryzen 3800x, and 1080ti right this minute…so I cashed out, and I’m waiting for either black friday, a super used deal to come my way, or just the general supply to catch up someday, and decided to just ride with a 3400g and the parts I kept.

I just need a motherboard.

And the decision is paralyzing me, lol.

I actually really liked B550 boards and I was settled on getting one, but then read that they don’t support the 3200G or 3400G (they are really Ryzen 2000 series parts, with a little spec bump).

So that means I should either buy a b450 (which is fine, but they aren’t many ways to save money on this old tech right now) or an x570 (basically spend what I just sold my x570 for, but have a more pro upgrade path when I have money to buy a new processor and gpu – when they are actually in stock!).

I got an $80 b450 Tomahawk motherboard that was a return, back in February, and I wish I could get a deal like that again. That same board would cost me $115 at Best Buy, but it only has 1 nvme slot. If i could theoretically save $35 again, I could live with not using both of my nvme’s or buying a pci-e card, but those deals aren’t out there right now.

So I’ve settled on the x570 ASUS Tuf, I think. $170 w/o wifi or $190 with wifi. And then someday I’ll add Ryzen 5900x (or 3950x) with a graphics card with 16gb of vram.

Local by Flywheel Works on Manjaro Again

Choosing to try to work 100% of the time on Linux has its downside, like when something doesn’t work.

At the end of the summer, I wasn’t able to create new WordPress sites on Local by Flywheel in Manjaro using the version from the AUR (arch user repository). Today, it works again.

So I’m back to working on my theme. It was an annoying road block, but I put some time into my audio gear.

WPRIG npm run rig-init fix

Today I’m back to work on CSS, and I wanted to install a clean version of WPRig, and I couldn’t get the npm run rig-init command to work without an ERR! because php-codesniffer-composer-installer doesn’t support Composer 2.

composer require --dev dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer:"^0.7.0"

That command fixed it for me – here’s the github issue.

Really that’s the only downside to Linux, an issue can stop you in your tracks.