Putting my WordPress Related Domains For Sale Officially

I am starting to market these, because I need any type of cash flow right now.

I think these domains are what you call “category killers”, and can put a project on the map quickly. I acquired them for my own projects, but this year did not go as planned. The cash would help me move forward with SOMETHING.

So if you are looking to launch a WordPress project in 2021, check these out. I’m open to payment plans and partnerships, etc.

GutenbergBlocks.com + GutenBlocks.com

Asking: $5000 for the pair

I think that price is cheap! If I was GoDaddy (bleh) or any company with a budget… can you buy a better $5000 worth of marketing?

If I don’t sell these by January 31st, I’m taking them off the market and committing to doing a block project, because just thinking about the opportunity is exciting.


Asking: $3000

This should be more. I’m just slightly more attached to the pair above (for my purposes).

This name might actually be better, because on the non-technical side of the game, they don’t really say “Gutenberg”. They say “block editor”.


Asking: $500

I am not the right person to own this. I have spoken Czech, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese at times in my life, but there is no way I could do anything bilingual in any serious capacity, probably ever, unfortunately. I’m so far out of practice.


Asking: $500

I mean…they have a lot of money.


Asking: $350

I always thought this be a Facebook Groups replacement plugin.

I’ve never used Buddy Press seriously, but I always modified and played with BBPress on some local installs, and want to launch a forum someday. Anyway, it’s available. It used to be one of those spammy premium plugin sites, it seems. It’s a good brand, though!

Anyway, if you’re interested in any of these, email me. I’d love to get these in your hands for any 2021 projects, and I wish you all great success on whatever you’re working on!

$50 Domain Challenge #1. First Pickups.

My Youtube feed kept recommending this person who was starting a retro videogame collection with only $10. I think he started in February, and even during a pandemic, he already is up to like 8 systems and 140 games or something, and a bankroll of over $300.

I got inspired, and decided to build a new domain portfolio from scratch with only $50. I’m going to post about the results here for the next year, and hopefully in autumn 2021 I’m posting about my fat cash stack and all of these names.

$50 is not a lot, so I decided to try to register 6 .com domains and then get whatever I could with the money left over in other extensions.

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