Two Days Ago My Computer Was Green Screening And My Notion Was A Mess

I have put in HOURS working on my Notion, and it’s paying off, and I feel like I have super powers. But there is a lot of work to make this usable, hopefully by tomorrow.

I also bought a pair of AMD Radeon Pro WX 4100 graphics cards from an unused HP server that someone got from their dad’s work (they are coming off of 3 year leases now!).

It’s basically a 4gb rx460/rx560, but super tiny and limited to either 35 or 50 watts. It can’t do much, but it can power monitors, which my 3400g was failing at.

Anyway, these two things are making me optimistic. Great life upgrades.

Even having these tiny graphics cards allows me to upgraded my 3400g to a much better processor, if the opportunity somehow arises in the future. That was the point of building this “upgrade ready” machine…buying new cpu’s or gpu’s is incredibly difficult, but I can take advantage of either with this setup.

These will also work on lower powered “office” computers that don’t have great power supplies, because they are powered off of the motherboard.

Anyway, graphically, it’s probably as powerful as a 3 year top tier Macbook Pro x2, because I put both of them in my PC.

I would love to ideally have a lower powered pc that is good enough to DO the work, and then a beast to render and to use when I need the heavy lifting. For working on music editing, do I need more than a WX 4100? Heck no…

Do I regret selling my 1080ti? A little. Do I regret selling any of the rx480 or rx580’s I used to get for $80? Yes! I can’t wait until those prices return.

Is Using Two Phones Goofy?

My Pixel 2XL just got the last update it will receive, and I saw a deal for a $49 Moto G Power, so I grabbed it. It seems fine. The Moto is a little bit worse than my 3 year old phone in every way except the screen and battery are bigger. And it has a headphone jack!

I booted up the Moto G Power without syncing my apps and whatnot…and then I started deleting Google Drive, Google Sheets, etc. It felt really nice without years of clutter.

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My Ryzen 3400G Upgrade-Ready Build is Done!

I found a motherboard. I got a used Asus X570 Tuf Gaming (without wifi) for $140. I also got a Radeon Pro WX 5100 video card, which I may or may not keep, because the 3400g has built in graphics. However, having ANY video card lets me upgrade to a faster Ryzen processor that doesn’t have graphics built in (only the Ryzen “G”series has onboard graphics).

Details aside, my REAPER rig is back, baby.

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There won’t be any Amazon affiliate links on this site.

Other companies, yes.

It’s shocking how many people want to promote Amazon actually.

Like wtf, creators.

Also they cut the affiliate fees to be sooo low recently-ish right? They are throwing people scraps while you fight over browser cookies.

I get it.

But I just can’t support them. Hopefully I can team up with cool companies in some way.

B550 Doesn’t Support a 3400G?!

I’m motherboard shopping.

I sold off a bunch of my parts except for the power supply (white corsair rm850x), storage (two 1tb nvme’s + 1tb 860 evo), and ram (4x 16gb 3200 c16). A lot of people are in upgrade cycles, and I frankly didn’t need my x570, ryzen 3800x, and 1080ti right this minute…so I cashed out, and I’m waiting for either black friday, a super used deal to come my way, or just the general supply to catch up someday, and decided to just ride with a 3400g and the parts I kept.

I just need a motherboard.

And the decision is paralyzing me, lol.

I actually really liked B550 boards and I was settled on getting one, but then read that they don’t support the 3200G or 3400G (they are really Ryzen 2000 series parts, with a little spec bump).

So that means I should either buy a b450 (which is fine, but they aren’t many ways to save money on this old tech right now) or an x570 (basically spend what I just sold my x570 for, but have a more pro upgrade path when I have money to buy a new processor and gpu – when they are actually in stock!).

I got an $80 b450 Tomahawk motherboard that was a return, back in February, and I wish I could get a deal like that again. That same board would cost me $115 at Best Buy, but it only has 1 nvme slot. If i could theoretically save $35 again, I could live with not using both of my nvme’s or buying a pci-e card, but those deals aren’t out there right now.

So I’ve settled on the x570 ASUS Tuf, I think. $170 w/o wifi or $190 with wifi. And then someday I’ll add Ryzen 5900x (or 3950x) with a graphics card with 16gb of vram.