Local by Flywheel Works on Manjaro Again

Choosing to try to work 100% of the time on Linux has its downside, like when something doesn’t work.

At the end of the summer, I wasn’t able to create new WordPress sites on Local by Flywheel in Manjaro using the version from the AUR (arch user repository). Today, it works again.

So I’m back to working on my theme. It was an annoying road block, but I put some time into my audio gear.

WPRIG npm run rig-init fix

Today I’m back to work on CSS, and I wanted to install a clean version of WPRig, and I couldn’t get the npm run rig-init command to work without an ERR! because php-codesniffer-composer-installer doesn’t support Composer 2.

composer require --dev dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer:"^0.7.0"

That command fixed it for me – here’s the github issue.

Really that’s the only downside to Linux, an issue can stop you in your tracks.

Working on a WordPress Theme.

Not enough people blog anymore. Or have blogging collectives. Or magazines. Or zines.

I’m working on a magazine theme for WordPress called “Zine Pro”, and this site is going to be the first site using the time.

Zine Pro is being built with WP Rig as the theme building framework, and focusing on using core Gutenberg features to help build “awesome” “layouts” for “content”.

Using Gutenberg block patterns, Zine Pro is going to have building blocks to make collections, features, magazines, zines, newspapers, niche blogs, etc. (If you want to learn more about Block Patterns, Birgit Pauli-Haack just posted an amazing “Black Patterns Resource List” on GutenbergTimes.com).

Over the last decade, it’s sad to think about how a lot of our favorites sites were bought up, and turned into nothing more than an investment vehicle for some publicly traded company. …staff we loved laid off, sites turned into advertisement banners with a little text in-between.

It’s also sad how much power Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. have over the content we see.

Going into this next decade, we have to start thinking about hosting our own content, and working on distribution and consumption habits that keep us outside of the curation of a dangerous chosen set of gatekeepers.

I think all of those social media sites still have a place for audience building, promotion, snippets, previews, etc…but they should be pointing back to your own site! This used to be the common sense advice from the experts…somehow we all just started working for algorithms for free.

Anyway, as you can see, this theme on this site is barebones and has nothing going on. I’m working on figuring out colors (yes, I know there are some wild color combos on here right now), css variables / custom properties, and getting the basic layouts into Figma (for CSS layout 2020-style, I’m really digging Every Layout).

I’m going to try to blog at least every day, for the sake of making this theme as good as it can be. Stay tuned for info!

Domains For Sale

I’m also selling some WordPress domain names to help pay the bills this month. I obviously can’t turn everything into a project, and currently ZinePro.com is my focus (but also that domain is still technically for sale, because I’m broke).

If you would be interested in owning GutenbergBlocks.com, GutenBlocks.com, or EditorBlocks.com, please reach out. I’ll be listing more soon. Stay tuned.

Anyway, good luck to everyone this weekend and this month. Sending love.