PHPStorm is an app I use almost day in, day out, now (and still don’t know a thing).

The fact that the company JetBrains seemed to support Linux made me comfortable trying to switch over (as well as browser apps like Figma maturing).

I had just taken some courses at, and instructor Tonya Mork advocated for using PHPStorm, and even had a course called Tune PHPStorm for WordPress Development.

Neither those courses nor PHPStorm are free. But after a free trial or two of PHPStorm, I started subscribing for about $9 a month, and after that a year. I’m about to renew my second year. What’s cool is the price goes down after the first year, which I appreciate, and makes me want to remain a loyal customer.

I want to support companies who support Linux!

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Apps To Get to Know If You’re New To Manjaro KDE

When I came to Manjaro KDE a few years ago from Mac OSX, I had to relearn a bunch of basic utility apps. Well, not completely relearn, because you can often make these act close to their Mac counterparts, or customize them however you’d like. I’m including some links to documentation and I learned a lot just putting this list together.

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Beginner’s Guide: From Mac to Manjaro (intro)

This is a work in progress and will be finished by January 2021.

I made music on Apple Computers for like 19 years, and also dabbled in web design and motion graphics. In late Summer of 2017, when my Macbook Pro died, I switched to Manjaro Linux and never looked back.

Table of Contents

  • Installing Manjaro KDE and First Steps
    • Starting a “Gear” section on this site to document what hardware works for me.
  • Introduction to KDE Plasma Series
  • Installing Apps in Manjaro
    • Some Apps I’m into.
    • Introduction to Firefox Series, “Foxy Baby”. Why Firefox?
      • Foxy Baby Ep 1: Preferences + Plugins
      • Foxy Baby Ep 2: Bookmarks
      • Foxy Baby Ep 3: Containers
  • Command Line Basics
    • File Structure (Unix, like Mac)
      • Important locations like fstab, inotify watchers, etc.
    • Aliases
    • Permissions and Groups
    • Git 101

Coming soon!

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