I’m working on this theme “Zine Pro” behind the scenes.

I love blogs, and I want to work on them again, and this is my in, I think..

But also, to make a blog theme, I have to become a blogger.

I’m trying to figure out how to fit being a blogger into my life and start today – I came up with 5 post frequencies:

  • Post whenever I feel like it
  • Post whenever there are updates
  • Post once a day
  • Post once a week
  • Maybe monthly?

Maybe I should try all of those? And see what works?

Or come up with the right content for each frequency.

Still working on this half baked idea.

Site Categories for Launch

Gutenberg Diaries

Daily? This is going to be daily musings about trying to start a WordPress business, sure.


I’ve always started projects and bought domains. They feed back and forth into each other. Not sure about post frequency. Let’s try for weekly. So I have daily and weekly covered.

Gear Talk

I just wanted a “general category” to talk about anything hardware related.

Internet Habits

This name is not good. But I think we have to be more conscious consumers when surfing these tubes.

Mac to Manjaro

For this section, I’m half way between making a custom post type called “Guides” and just publishing one guide a month (something like on css-tricks), OR, just a collection of blog posts, which is what I was originally leaning towards. I should write this whole first series, and release at once. So now I have daily, weekly, monthly.

Penguin Audio

This is a category about Linux audio production. I don’t know if I should expand it to cover video, and image editing, and all other forms of creation on Linux. Or if they should get their own categories eventually.

Politics Category

I think it’s important that this site takes a political stance. I want this company, or one we create in the future, to be a cooperative company. I don’t know what to call this category yet.

That felt worthless but at least I worked out daily, weekly, and monthly content ideas. I feel slightly better.

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