De-Googling My Brain

I saw this post shared on twitter today called “Time to Say Goodbye to Google Fonts“, which shows that there is no reason to use Google’s CDN for Google fonts (unless you’re lazy, like I’ve been), and you should set up self hosting your fonts for speed (something I’m going to have to figure out for this site once I pick fonts).

It made me think about how I’m not using Google Analytics on this site, and maybe I shouldn’t start.

Also, I’m going to avoid embedding Youtube videos.

I might get a Vimeo account for embeds, and I will of course link to Youtube videos, and you can go watch them on Youtube, if you choose to. I just don’t really want to subject my readers / viewers / myself to Google’s recommendation engine, if it’s not necessary. And it’s not. I can make “content” without Youtube embeds.

I don’t think any of these things are necessarily harmful, either. And in fact, they make life easier. This feels like the right choice, though. I don’t think we should let a few companies just have their claws on every part of the web.

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