Easy Disk Mounting – Gnome Disk Utility edits fstab for you.

I just wrote about the 5 drives I’m using with my new Manjaro workstation, and managing drives in Linux usually involves editing the file /etc/fstab and set up a bunch of options so they mount on startup, and mount where you want them to.

Usually I’d go to the Arch Linux fstab or Manjaro fstab pages for reference, and I’d copy and paste something from somewhere and edit some of the options to get it working for me.

However, this time, when I typed in “fstab manjaro” in the search bar, I got back “How to Auto Mount A Hard Drive in Manjaro The Easy Way”.

A video showing Gnome Dist Utility can mount drives and edit fstab for you.

I downloaded Gnome Disk Utility from Pamac, and find the “Edit Mount Options” setting. From here you can “Mount at system startup”, and a plethora of other options. It does the fstab work for you!

I also checked the disk utility that comes with Manjaro KDE, “KDE Partition Manager”. I was also able to find the settings here to edit mount points, which updated fstab.

For my simple setups, these are now my preferred way to set my mount preferences and options in fstab.

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