Is Using Two Phones Goofy?

My Pixel 2XL just got the last update it will receive, and I saw a deal for a $49 Moto G Power, so I grabbed it. It seems fine. The Moto is a little bit worse than my 3 year old phone in every way except the screen and battery are bigger. And it has a headphone jack!

I booted up the Moto G Power without syncing my apps and whatnot…and then I started deleting Google Drive, Google Sheets, etc. It felt really nice without years of clutter.

I’m thinking…I will add my supermarket app, whatever location based apps I need, and this will just be my personal phone phone. I’ll grab the Moto when I want to call someone, message someone, or go out. (Not having NFC for my “Hop” bus pass card is a downside).

In theory, the Pixel 2XL can be my work phone. I expect it to live on wifi, but I am going to test a data only sim card in it, and only turn on data in situations where I NEED it. Also, I can use the Moto as a hotspot. And I have a few vpn options to use if I’m on other people’s wifi.

Hopefully the Pixel 2Xl will become a part of the pipeline of creating all of this Tech.Haus stuff. This is the phone I should have around me still for most of the day, with super tailored notifications. The stuff that breaks up my work can stay on the Moto. I honestly still love the Pixel 2XL and I wish there was another year of updates from Google.

Creating different contexts to use these devices will change my phone usage entirely. Too often my personal and work cross paths and I can’t put full effort into either, as well. This feels nice just to think about, and I think the effort will be worth it.

Random: I’m going to go disinfect this Pixel now…it feels kind of gross touching this next to a brand new phone. Then it will be a deletion fest, de-personalizing it. I’m going to use it with KDE Connect, for sure.

Do you remember the Nexus 7 tablet? I didn’t have one, but my Pixel is my Nexus 6 work tablet.

I guess I’ll update this someday.

Day 1…

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