PHPStorm is an app I use almost day in, day out, now (and still don’t know a thing).

The fact that the company JetBrains seemed to support Linux made me comfortable trying to switch over (as well as browser apps like Figma maturing).

I had just taken some courses at, and instructor Tonya Mork advocated for using PHPStorm, and even had a course called Tune PHPStorm for WordPress Development.

Neither those courses nor PHPStorm are free. But after a free trial or two of PHPStorm, I started subscribing for about $9 a month, and after that a year. I’m about to renew my second year. What’s cool is the price goes down after the first year, which I appreciate, and makes me want to remain a loyal customer.

I want to support companies who support Linux!

JetBrains Toolbox App

Originally, I used the Arch User Repository or the Snapcraft to install PHP Storm, and they both worked mostly great. However, once I found the JetBrains Toolbox App, that became a regular installation on both my Ryzen workstation, and my Thinkpad.

The JetBrains Toolbox installer feels like they actually care about the Linux platform, and it convinced me to subscribe to PHPStorm yearly and make it my daily driver code editor / IDE for working on WordPress.

You can update, install, roll back, etc. all of their apps (and Android studio) right from the Toolbox. All of these touches made transitioning from Mac to Manjaro a good experience.


Video Series

There two aren’t WordPress specific, but amazing:

PhpStorm Tips with Christoph Rumpel

This now 4 video series is hosted on the JetBrainsTV Youtube channel, and the first two videos in particular can get you pretty far with getting started with PHPStorm.

How To Be Awesome in PHPStorm with Jeffrey Way Laracasts

These are hosted on, and while a few years old, this series is considered a classic beginner series.


PHPStorm Help Docs WordPress Section

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