$100 Track Mixing Through August*

*Limit 2 tracks for $200 total.

Email us for our guide on how to bounce your individual tracks and effects to prepare them for the Tech.Haus mixing session in Reaper. We’re hoping this introductory offer helps us form long term relationships with artists and producers. Give our mixing a shot, see if it takes your music to the next level.

$100 Podcast Episode Edit Through August*

*Good for the first episode to feel each other out.

I think after one episode, we can get a feel for what you need and talk about a longer term production or editing deal. For the $100 intro price, we are looking to work with customers directly to improve our workfow. If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, let us know about it!

If we click, we would love to work out a 4 episode a month (weekly release) plan.