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We strongly (fervently, vehemently) believe that the centralization of content on the web is bad (miss you, google reader), and that creators should have their own websites, and WordPress is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

We are researching, working on, testing various products and solutions that we feel can help us do our part in helping people like you decentralize that content. Blog more.

Gutenberg Themes and Blocks

If you haven’t used WordPress in a while, it has a new, modern editor, that is constantly being updated and improved, and we can help build you a site to take full advantage of what Gutenberg has to offer, as well as custom blocks and block patterns to create awesome looking post and page layouts easily. (One Sentence. Should I edit it? Why bother.)

Hosting and Maintenance

We’re looking for maybe 3-5 sites to host and maintain this summer for clients. This will be hands on, white glove service. We’re thinking $1500 a year, which includes an hour of work each month. Backups. Updating plugins and themes. That kind of stuff.

Let’s talk about your site, needs, and scope. It’s all about finding the right fit here. We can take a lot of the hassle of running a WordPress site off of your hands, so you can just worry about running your business.

Oh, I guess any custom themes or plugins we make – you get them first and free.